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How to Write a Discussion Essay: Step by Step Guide for Students

There are many types of essays, each type requires students to tell a story, analyze, describe or to prove something. When hearing about a discussion essay many scholars start to get nervous because they have never faced it before. However, it is nothing but an argumentative essay, where students need to discuss a certain issue and provide evidence, different points of view, and personal opinion.

Sounds too complicated? Don’t know how to write a good discussion essay? There is no need to worry: this guide was completed by QuickEssay writers to help you understand the peculiarities of the task. With our tips and recommendations, you will surely get the highest grade!

What is a Discussion Essay?

Any writing process starts with a clear understanding of the assignment’s definition. A discussion essay is also called an argumentative or for and against one. It is often assigned not only in college but also in high school, so you will surely face it throughout the years.

Discussion assignments require students to cover the topic from various sides the same way as a regular discussion unfolds. However, the difference of such an assignment from a persuasive one is that you give a balanced view and not simply persuade the audience. When you work on this essay it is important to provide arguments and back them with evidence and facts.

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How to Structure a Discussion Essay?

It is impossible to underestimate the importance of the essay structure because it makes the work organized and easy to read. It doesn’t matter whether you are a high school student from the UK or a sophomore from India or the US – you’ll always know where to look for a thesis statement or a conclusion.

Discussion essay structure is quite common and consists of the following parts:

  • Introduction. Here you tell about the topic, insert thesis statement and hook the audience with a catchy phrase, argument, data or even a joke;
  • Main paragraphs with evidence, arguments, and opinions of both sides. Make sure you divide those arguments into separate paragraphs not to confuse the audience and make reading simpler;
  • Conclusion. Always write a final part even if you think that the work is already good enough. Your conclusion should be a summary of the main arguments and a paraphrasing of the thesis statement.

Another important feature is the essay format. Ask your tutor in advance because every school has its own requirements. And never neglect this stage because your grade may suffer if you decide not to format your discussion essay. And now, when you know what parts your assignment should consist of, it’s the right time to learn how to write it!

How to Make a Discussion Essay: 5 Simple Steps

Our UK essay writers have made a roadmap of your future work. Just follow the steps below and you will surely create a perfect essay:

  1. Choose a topic. It should be catchy, debatable, and interesting both for you and for the audience;
  2. Come up with a thesis statement. It should be placed at the end of the introduction and render the main idea of your assignment;
  3. Research the topic and make a list of the main arguments. They must come from reputable sources, be relevant and modern. And don’t forget to refer and cite them according to the required formatting style;
  4. Outline the paper and start working on the first draft. Don’t worry about making a mistake – just go with the flow and put all your thoughts on paper;
  5. Proofread and edit it. Use online checkers or ask your friends to read the draft and highlight misprints or other imperfections.

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Effective Tips on Writing a Discussion Essay

By now you already know what a discussion essay ishow to structure it properly and how to get the maximum points for your IELTS writing task 2. There are only several tips that stand on your way to an essay of your dreams and we are happy to share them with you.

How to Choose an Interesting Topic for Discussion?

Choosing a topic for your essay plays a crucial part in the whole process, so you should approach it will all the seriousness. Think about the issues that genuinely interest you, that make you happy, sad, worried or motivated. Make a list of discussion essay topics you enjoy and then cross out the variants, which don’t suit the subject or target audience.

How to Start a Discussion Essay

Like any other paper, a discussion essay should begin with a catchy phrase, interesting fact or an open question. Your goal is to grab and hold the audience making it want to read further. The best advice our UK essay writing service can give is to use a hook sentence at the end of the introductory paragraph. But remember to stay relevant and never hurt anyone’s feelings.

How to End a Discussion Essay

Many students wonder how to write a conclusion for a discussion essay because this section is often missed out. At we are sure that the conclusion is as important as the introduction or body paragraphs. That is why the best way to write it is to summarize everything that you have discussed in the paper and to motivate the reader to reflect further on the topic.

Voila! Now you know that writing a discussion essay isn’t difficult. You only need to follow the tutor’s requirements, choose an interesting topic, and conduct detailed research. But if you don’t have time or motivation you can always turn to our writing company. We know how to write a discussion essay that will earn you the highest grade!

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